Discover the leaders within

You started out with a vision but now you seem to be bogged down with administrative, repetitive work. You hardly recognise the ultimate goal of your organisation anymore as you ‘fire-fight’ problems every day.

It doesn’t have to be like this; you can regain your original vision. It’s just a matter of using your greatest asset; your people, more effectively.
Every member of your team has something to bring to the table; discover the leaders within.

At GOCP we will ensure that your future will be one of less, more prouctive meetings; where the tasks that you never signed up for, as an entreprenuer, are delegated; where the best ideas are put into action and where there is increased wealth allied to a sense of accomplishment for the whole team. 

Work should be a seamless part of life not something to be balanced as part of our existenece.       

                    If you  believe there’s room for improvement then start the conversation

Good CEOs make great CEOs.




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What My Clients say About Me 

"Gerald brings qualities of astuteness and professionalism to every organisation with which he is involved. Also his gentle and caring nature is valuable in the mercenary culture that is prevalent today"
Paddy McGuinness
"Gerald is an awesome coach . He know what he is going.Thanks for helping me out on linkedin.It was great experience working with you"
Mohammad Solaiman
Coach and Web-Developer
"Hi Gerald, You’ve proven yourself to be dedicated and disciplined throughout the duration of the course. Also your respect for language in terms of clarity and structure and all its various possibilities is solid. You are able to put forward your ideas in a convincing manner-with authenticity and a confidence that inspires. I sincerely hope that you continue to grow and develop on your writing journey, keep abreast of the marketplace – be able to identify an outlet for what it is and hopefully find one that suits your work. Above all, read work you admire and that will nourish your own- Best of luck Gerald, Eileen "
Eileen Casey
Creative Writing Tutor
"Dan has given me the motivation I lacked for years. Thank you Mr Dan 🙏"
Fran Keogh
"Gerald, one of the best great achiever and mentor and a story teller par excellance."
John Mcellin
"Gerry is deeply thoughtful, committed and highly intelligent and I recommend his leadership skills."
Fran Keogh

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