As you start afresh make sure you reconnect with every team member

Pulitzer prize winner and Assistant Attorney General, Roger Wilkins, was interviewed by David Hoffman in 1989. He stated that the effect of segregation on his community was that coloured people associated themselves with the ‘Invisible Man.’This perception, of being invisible, can occur in any


Your business has to start afresh; you have no choice. Use this opportunity to examine every part of your enterprise every employee, every volunteer and every process. Create a new culture where everyone knows the long term mission and is part of it.This starts with asking everyone on the team to contribute: a bottom up …



This article is the basis of a key-note address delivered by               (353)833155657   that illustrates the consequences of differing leadership models. Hillsborough To understand the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster of 1989 in the UK, when 96 people lost their lives and many more had their life-span and quality of life reduced, a good place to start …


Is politics falling behind?

Three political parties of almost equal strength by ‘seat numbers’ have emerged after the recent Republic of Ireland general election. In the UK there was one clear winner. All four political parties have one thing in common; they all have a centralised, hierarchical decision making process.  Decisions, manifestos and appointments are made by the leader and …

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Eye of the Storm

The voluntary committee Chairperson in June 2020 will encounter challenges never envisaged when elected. The role now involves resuming activities while coping with new financial and regulatory realities. Fear is an understandable emotion coupled with a sense of being overwhelmed. The following list is by no means exhaustive but could apply to anyone in a …

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“It is therefore crucial to find a way of routinizing, even bureaucratizing, the exercise of imagination.” (Section 11.1 IMAGINATION, p. 344) This is a quote from the 9/11 Commission report but it is applicable to many scenarios especially in ‘Health and Safety terms.’ A great leader will use the collective imagination of a team to tackle problems and …


Have volunteers rights?

Bullying, constructive dismissal, failure to implement an adequate complaints system, no proper role description and false allegations are among subjects that get honourable mention at Employment Appeals’ Tribunal cases. There is ample evidence that similar bad practice also exists in the voluntary sector. A recent publication outlining the rights of volunteers suggests that if all …

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