An Unlikely Leader

“Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing.” “In business we strive for 100% efficiency while we are content with 25% in war” was the jaundiced view of Victor Odlum a Canadian army Major who served with Arthur Currie. Currie was equally appalled at high casualty rates and is credited with being the tactician behind …

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No ordinary President

In the 2012 Connacht Championship, Sligo had a decisive win over New York, a team that had not trained collectively before the encounter; hence no home team photo! New York have come a long way since and a win for the ‘Big Apple’ in this preliminary round is becoming more likely with each passing year. …

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As you start afresh make sure you reconnect with every team member

Pulitzer prize winner and Assistant Attorney General, Roger Wilkins, was interviewed by David Hoffman in 1989. He stated that the effect of segregation on his community was that coloured people associated themselves with the ‘Invisible Man.’This perception, of being invisible, can occur in any group.gerald@oconnorleadership.com


Your business has to start afresh; you have no choice. Use this opportunity to examine every part of your enterprise every employee, every volunteer and every process. Create a new culture where everyone knows the long term mission and is part of it.This starts with asking everyone on the team to contribute: a bottom up …



 ‘….through the preservation and promotion of Gaelic Games and pastimes’ is the phrase that says it all on page 5 (1.2) of the official guide. It is the reason that GAA Clubs and Counties exist. Our games and pastimes have been with us for millennia and it was felt, a mere 130 years ago, that …


Nuclear Option

The newly appointed Commander of the USS Santa Fe, a ‘fast attack’ nuclear submarine, gave the order to proceed at a rate of ‘Two thirds’ ahead. The Navigator relayed the order to the Helmsman. They were proceeding on ‘battery power’ only as part of a drill and the recent order didn’t seem to have made …

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The unglamorous vocation

If you wish to make a name for yourself in the sphere of ‘Health and safety’ you can do so by getting things horribly wrong. When excellence is maintained in safety regimes nobody notices because nothing happens; no accidents, no loss of life, no catastrophes: for that’s, of course, the objective. Stadium safety guidelines around …

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