The voluntary committee Chairperson in June 2020 will encounter challenges never envisaged when elected. The role now involves resuming activities while coping with new financial and regulatory realities. Fear is an understandable emotion coupled with a sense of being overwhelmed.

The following list is by no means exhaustive but could apply to anyone in a leadership role;

·       Look after your own mental and physical health; a stressed boss is no good to anyone.

·       Concentrate on what you can control.

·       Learn to say no; don’t agree to every invitation inside or outside the organisation.

·       Reaffirm the mission and encourage members to contribute to its accomplishment.

·       Use online apps to communicate virtually and accept that this is the new normal.

·       The projections and budgets prepared at the most recent AGM are now redundant and the time between now and the next AGM should be treated as a separate accounting period.

·       Ask the treasurer to prepare a current statement of account and supplementary budget along with long term projections, following extensive consultation.

·       Revise the strategic plan.

·       Contact the executive members 1-2-1 and discuss the new reality. 

·       Create sub committees to deal with; safety, IT, debt, fundraising, grant applications.

·       Circulate all the members with the supplementary budget and protocols to recommence operations. Ask for suggestions.

·       Make a list of the most important contacts for the committee and communicate with them, in rotation; employees, managers, coaches, sponsors, County committee, national executive, media and suppliers. Do this on an ongoing basis.   

·       Consider a top-up of membership fees; a modest extra boost from every member could go a long way.

·       Prepare the ground for online fundraising using the club’s and members’ email lists; the size of these lists will dictate the level of success.

·       Recruit experts in IT from within the membership and use them effectively.

·       Allocate the task of constantly updating the email list.

·       Consider a webinar to discuss the organisation’s future and capture contact information.

·       Avoid negative people (easier said than done).

Your members want to see the group progressing and you must ‘sell’ a long term vision rather than a ‘firefighting’ exercise; you must communicate with everyone. Encourage your team to set higher targets than before; to actually come out of this situation stronger.

Harness that goodwill.

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